The Cusabo Nation Lacrosse mission is to expand awareness and opportunities to play youth lacrosse, increase diversity of players and affordability, and assist in providing excellent facilities, fields and instruction.

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Rec Ball Game Day On Success

1. Rec Games are for FUN

2. These are kids.

3. The Coaches are VOLUNTEERS.

4. The referees are HUMAN.

No College Scholarships will be awarded today.

Success starts with an athlete that is coachable, respectable, a great teammate, mentally tough, resilient and who tries their best.


For more information please read below and also see and 

Equipment & US Lacrosse Rules

Parents, please know that it is ok if you do not have all of the equipment on the first day of practice. 

CLICK HERE: What equipment do we need? "Where to buy locally" for both the boys and the girls game? This Page also has links to the US Lacrosse Rulebooks for Boys and Girls?      

No. 1: Be a positive force in your child's sports life. 

Sports and Parenting - The Sidelines - Your attitude and actions are a big influence.


How to ‘Coach’ Your Child from the Sideline

Five Big Things Every Lacrosse Parent Should Know

Give 'em a Break: Adjusting Parent Attitudes Toward Officials

The only six words parents need to say to their kids about sports.  

Parenting the Student Athlete: Promoting the need to encourage, not push.

No. 2: Help them Practice - Throwing and catching

The Number 1 way to help your child get excited about lacrosse and help them get better is to throw and catch with them. You do not even have to have a lacrosse stick. Baseball mitts are great! See Tips for new Lacrosse Parents to learn more.

The Number 1 way to become very skilled in the sport of lacrosse is to throw and catch against a cinder block, brick,  or thick wooden wall.

We call it WALL BALL and here is how it is done! Work your 12 Hands of Lacrosse!

No. 3: Make sure their pocket is correctly releasing the ball. 

Lacrosse stick pockets get worn out quickly, especially with new players. New players also like to needlessly adjust the stringing of the pocket. The curiosity is wonderful, the effect on throwing, however, is not great. Talk to your coaches. If the ball always throws very high or down to the ground, it is probably the pocket and not your child. Most coaches will help players re-string if they have time. You can also reach SOUTHERN.STRINGS STICK & POCKET REPAIR or go to LowCountry Lacrosse in Mt. Pleasant. They do a great job.  

No. 4: Educate yourself on the Rules and Lacrosse Programs                     

Great Articles - Program Thinking - Be Informed - Editorials on Lacrosse

What Are We Thinking? An Open Letter to the Lacrosse Community by Ted Brown, Parent and fan of lacrosse

Dom Starsia: A Letter to ParentsUVA coach shares thoughts on relationships between coaches and parents, 2006

Dom Starsia: A (Second) Letter to Parents: UVA coach shares thoughts on role of club lacrosse in player development, 2014

Inside Lacrosse: Glory Days by Will HazelhurstWhat Happened to Summer Lacrosse?

Rec-Less Abandon: Lacrosse is flourishing in south Florida, and Davis Youth Lacrosse founder Pete Dunne says, "We feel rec is critical". But in other areas, club reigns. What's best for your kids?

by Brian Logue | | Twitter, 2014


No. 5: Great Thinking on Leadership & Teamwork

John Wooden's Success Pyramid

John Maxwell's 21 Qualities of Leadership

What your Body Language Says by Kevin Neeld

​10 Qualities of a Great Teammate by Kevin Neeld

Great Books on Leadership & Coaching

Season of Life by Joe Ehrman

Seeds of Success by John Brubaker

The Spirit of the Stick by Neill Duffy (Age 9 and up) 

For the player that sleeps with their stick and loves to read!